What makes Shoes For Crews the most slip resistant?

Our sole is created with a combination of a special rubber compound and patented tread design providing for maximum slip-resistance. The unique rubber compound grips the microscopic roughness of the floor surface, while the grid-pattern channels the liquids out from under the shoe sole. We have test results to confirm the superiority!

Why are some soles more slip-resistant than others?

Among other factors, different sole compounds and tread designs create different coefficients of friction. Therefore, some grip the floor better than others.

Does 'oil-resistant' mean the same as slip-resistant?

No. Generally oil resistant refers to the shoe's upper material. However, our shoes are oil resistant as well as slip resistant on both wet and greasy or oily surfaces.

Are your soles guaranteed not to slip?

Please remember that NO sole is 100% slip-proof. Our soles are slip-resistant which means that they help to reduce slip and fall accidents. It is important to combine Shoes For Crews with proper floor maintenance to achieve maximum slip and fall incident reduction.

What are your shoes made of?

SFC shoes are made of different materials such as leather, canvas and mesh and our Clogs and Wellingtons are made of EVA and polyurethane. All materials used are high quality materials combined with the slip-resistant rubber outsole.

What shoe size should I order?

Sizes vary among different manufacturers. We recommend that you order the size that normally fits you best. Shoes For Crews footwear tries to maintain consistent sizing for all of our different styles, and our sizes run true to U.K. and European sizing standards. Don't hesitate to reference our sizing chart by CLICKING HERE for your help. If your shoes do not fit, don't worry! You are covered by our easy returns policy.

How do I return my Shoes For Crews for  a refund?

Contact SFCE customer service on +353 61 479200 to provide us with details of the return/ exchange or log on to SFCE returns website by CLICKING HERE

When will I receive my refund?

Please allow approximately 5 to 10 business days after returned item or items are received at our warehouse for us to process your refund. If you would like to check on the status of your return or exchange, you can contact our Customer Service Department on +353 61 479200.

Is this website secure?

We want you to feel completely secure when ordering on our website. When you place orders or access your personal information, we offer the use of a secure server. We use a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts (or encodes) sensitive information before it is sent over the Internet into our databases. Our website is secured with SSL encryption and is certified with Comodo Secure! This program guarantees that your personal information is being transmitted in secure (encrypted) form to a Shoes For Crews Web server, not to some unknown or unauthorized server.

Do I have to login with a username & password to order?

Retail customers do not have to login to place an order on SFCE website. Billable account members however are advised to login to order through their own respective account. If you would like to set up an account with SFCE please don't hesitate to call our Customer Service Department on +353 61 479200.

Are all Shoes For Crews shoes slip resistant?

Yes, all Shoes For Crews shoes have SRC rated slip resistant outsoles

How long will the Shoes For Crews sole last?

It depends on a number of factors, including how and where you use your shoes. Customers have claimed that the soles of our shoes have lasted anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on their work environment.

How do I apply a special promotion or offer from my catalogue to my Web order?

After you add an item to your basket and go to the cart page you will see a field titled 'Do you have a promo code'. Insert your code into the box and click 'apply'.

What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

Please contact our Customer Service Department on+353 61 479200. Our professional customer service representatives are available from 8am to 5pm to assist you. We have English, German and French speaking representatives that will be happy to help!

How do I request the latest free Shoes For Crews catalogue?

Please download the catalogue from our website or call one of our local numbers below


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact SFCE customer service on one of our local numbers below

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 France +33(1)76380250
 Germany (+49) 8038 9993001
 Ireland +353(61)479200
 Netherlands  +31(0)108080640
 Spain +34(91)1230371
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